Our Aim and Concept


To conserve and strengthen our present affinity with our unique clientele, alongside building upon our distinguished client profile to further our opportunity and experience as a company


Efficiency is doing better what is already done. We envisage ourselves being the sole point of supply for all products by ever increasing our product range, striving to achieve lower costs, whilst maintaining the same high quality in our products.

Facilities and logistics

With its excellent newly built cold and dry stores adding to its impeccable infrastructure and newly advance facilities built in 2006 with multi-temperature storage and transport. The effective logistics created to produce a precise result provides Osprey with the ability to perform for its clients with a reliable, efficient and flexible service they expect. A newly installed bespoke stock software system provides us with regular updates on all products. This ensures our administrative shipping department provides all the necessary paperwork for each delivery. Strict quality controls are upheld in our warehouses, taking great care of picking and palletising orders, including the sizing and shrink wrapping of each respective pallet. We have a worldwide transport network delivering to all corners of the world.


Possessing a wealth of an insightful history of supplying the military forces, numerous hotels, oil and mining companies, supermarkets, construction workers, airlines, ship chandlers, duty-free shops and cruise lines, globally. Coupled with the savvy, well-informed purchasing experience of trading with suppliers as far as Asia, South America, across Europe to as a close as our back door. Osprey can offer its clients the invaluable knowledge and experience that is needed to meet their individual benchmark and requirements. Our prudent buying team with their experienced versatile business approach allows us to produce quality products for a unique competitive pricing structure and margins that are hard to beat.

Health and Safety

We take pride in holding all the relevant certifications that are needed to make our importing and exporting a flowing process and allows us to access food and drink products worldwide.

We are HACCP approved

NSF Certificate of Conformity (Due Diligence Standard)

Full Veterinary Health Certificate for food products

​Duty-free (import and excise) storage and handling of products

We operate an internal quality control and ensure we keep fully up to date with all legal and Health and Safety requirements.